• Pilot Frixion Ball 4 color Multi Pen 0.5mm Light Blue Barrel

Pilot Frixion Ball 4 color Multi Pen 0.5mm Light Blue Barrel

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This is a highly convenient 4-color ballpoint pen that can be used in four colors with one, and can be rewritten any number of times. The ink colors are black, red, blue, and green. The pen nib is a 0.5mm extra-fine type and is suitable for writing in small details such as notebooks and documents.
In addition, the clip adopts the manufacturer's original lift clip. Even thick ones can be pinched firmly and won't break even 100,000 times (according to manufacturer test data).
A new concept ballpoint pen equipped with "friction ink" that makes the ink colorless by temperature change. Since the friction temperature is set for "friction ink", the ink color changes to colorless due to the frictional heat generated by rubbing the handwriting with a dedicated rubber on the back of the body, and the handwriting can be erased.
Unlike writing instruments that are erased with an eraser, the ink of the handwriting is made colorless by frictional heat, so there is no erase residue. Another feature is that there is very little unerased residue compared to the erased mark of a pencil or mechanical pencil.
Unlike chemical formulas such as ink erasing solutions, repeated writing is possible at erased locations.
For textbooks, notebooks, documents, notebooks, and puzzles * Do not use for certificate documents / addresses that should not disappear.
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