• Hata 100H Carbon Paper - Blue (100s'/pkt)

Hata 100H Carbon Paper - Blue (100s'/pkt)

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Hata Typewriter Black Carbon Paper 200T Carbon paper is a paper coated with a layer of polymer-based, used for making one or more copies simultaneously with the creation of an original document when using a ballpoint pen or typewriter. It is smudge-free and clean to touch without leaving any trace of carbon in our hands.

•Paper Colour: Black, Blue
•Carbon Paper Type :100H / 200T
•Paper Size : 21cm x 33cm
•Paper Usage : For Writing ( 100H ) / For Typewriter ( 200T)
•Quantity: 100 Sheets

•Easy & Convenient to use
•Ideal for Parent-child creation or office use, get to the good part faster & finally enjoy your art time again
•Carbon copy paper that is great for tracing pictures or frames, makes creating designs so much easier.
•Instantly smudge-proof copies
•Used for tracing or making one or more copies

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