• Pilot BL-GC4-R G-Tec Gel Pen 0.4mm - Red

Pilot BL-GC4-R G-Tec Gel Pen 0.4mm - Red

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The [Y&C] Pilot G-tec 0.4mm / Hi-tec Pen 0.5mm is a must-have for anyone who needs precise and smooth writing tools for their daily office tasks or creative projects.

  • Precise Writing: The Pilot G-tec pen has a needle-point tip that allows for incredibly precise and fine lines, perfect for detailed drawings, diagrams, and annotations.
  • Smooth Writing: The Hi-tec pen features a precision point tip that glides smoothly over the paper without any skipping or smudging.

These pens are versatile tools that can be used in various settings such as the office or classroom to take notes, write memos and make to-do lists. They are also suitable for artists who need reliable pens to create sketches or add fine details to their artwork.

  • Ergonomic Design: Both pens have an ergonomic design with textured grips that provide comfort and reduce fatigue during long writing sessions
  • Different Tip Sizes:The Pilot G-Tec comes with a 0.4 mm tip while the Hi-Tec has slightly larger point size of 0.5 mm offering you more options in terms of line thicknesses you can make with them
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If you're looking for reliable writing instruments with exceptional precision—look no further than [Y&C] Pilot G-tec 0.4mm / Hi-Tec Pen 05.mm! They will never disappoint!


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